Adam Ek (adamek) wrote,
Adam Ek

How to turn a day around.

Ailsa & I were going to go to a doctor's appointment near Kenmore square yesterday. Due to a SNAFU the appointment had to be rescheduled. Neither of us had had lunch, and we were snapping at each other and hungry at 3:15 near Kenmore.

Food, we need food. Then we can decide if we need something else.

We looked at a few other restaurant choices before I convinced Ailsa to go and try one of my old favorite restaurants, Steve's. We keep kosher at home, but on the road we just eat vegetarian (plus dairy, fish & eggs). I'd suggested Steve's a few times before, but I'd only been there before I started keeping kosher and I couldn't remember how many vegetarian options they had. This time I convinced her to at least go with me and check the menu. If there weren't enough options for her, there were lots of other restaurants in the neighborhood (316 Newbury St; Boston, MA).

We were very hungry by the time we got there. Fortunately the menu in the window got Ailsa's approval and we went in and were seated. It's not a large place, 12-15 tables, but in the middle of the afternoon on a weekday it was almost empty.

I was considering regular mozarella sticks for an appetizer but Ailsa convinced me to order something else I was pondering; Saganaki. A few minutes later, the waiter comes out with some pita bread. Food! Ailsa and I start eating it. Then the waiter comes out with the Saganaki. Oops. We were supposed to save the bread for the Saganaki. Oh well, we still had most of the bread.

The presentation was very nice. Saganaki is an imported Greek cheese, baked, and then flamed with brandy beside the table, then the waiter douses it juice squeeze from a lemon. Cut it with a fork and eat it with the pita. Heavenly! "Humanity exists to create this dish," said Ailsa.

For the main course I had the Falafel sandwich. I wish I had a restaurant critic's vocabulary. I really like Rami's falafel sandwiches. I really like Steve's falafel sandwiches. They taste quite different from each other and I can't pin it down. If I had to choose between the two I would pick Steve's 3 out of 4 times.

Ailsa had the codfish. She was expecting to not like the salad that came with it. She normally does not like feta cheese and wasn't expecting to like a greek salad. She ended up inhaling the salad and the pilaf, and getting full enough that we had to box about a quarter of the fish.

Dessert was the only disappointment. I've had heavenly baklava there before, but we decided to try the millefeuille. It was OK, but bland and not as breathtaking as the rest of the meal.

We left the restaurant much happier than when we went in, stuffed, and less than $40 poorer.


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