January 22nd, 2004


Ups and Downs

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For the story of how I cataloged all those pictures, last weekend had its ups and downs. I got up Friday morning to find out that the hot water pipe had frozen. We had hot water from the hot water heater to the washing machine, but no further. After a lot of work scrambling through the cupboards with a blow dryer and searching for heat tape I got the pipes thawed about 5 pm on Friday. Then Kathy, David & I took off for Arisia.

Friday night at Arisia went pretty well. The moving sculptures by the Sculpter GOH were fantastic. A bit of time wandering around the con and then I had to go home to take care of Pooka. (Ailsa & Kathy stayed at the con with Thelma.)

Saturday morning David & I headed back into the con. Got there just in time for some Found Filk and then Tom Smith's concert. Later I caught Tom's Kid Concert in Fast Track. It was...undescribable. I've posted a few pictures here.

Shortly after the concert I hooked up with Ailsa in the Con Suite and we did a bit more con going. About 8:30 we headed off in search of food with another couple (David & Rachel from New Jersey, I forget their last names). Fire & Ice (Mongolian BBQ, yum) had a 90 minute line. Bennigan's (Boca burgers, yum) had a 90 minute line. California Pizza Kitchen only had a 30 minute line. We grabbed a place in line and talked gaming through the wait and on through dinner. The con was going great!

An hour later, things were not so great. Collapse )

By 1 pm Sunday I improved to the point where I could keep down liquids if I limited myself to one or two swallows at a time. I spent Sunday divided between the couch (TiVo good) and bed.

Monday, I actually kept down two whole pieces of bread, and I could drink as much as I wanted! I also spent some time on the computer and cataloged a lot of old photos. The rolls listed above.

I still don't know where I picked up that bug, but something going around the con or con suite is a strong possibility.

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