Adam Ek (adamek) wrote,
Adam Ek

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Crossover Fanfic Seed

I was just watching Iron Chef. Ailsa made a comment about how she wanted Chairman Kaga's clothes. No, more than that she wanted whoever makes the Kaga's clothes to make something specifically for her.

I pondered that perhaps Edna Mode is Kaga's clothing designer. Then I continued speculating about Iron Chef in The Incredibles' universe, because of course all of the Iron Chefs would have to be super heroes with Kaga as the leader. Though I don't know if he's the charging out front type or the behind the scenes type like Xavier. And what powers would each Iron Chef have? Chen obviously has flame powers, but what about the others?

If anyone wants to take this idea and run with it, feel free. Just send me a copy of the story.
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