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I took Ailsa out for dinner this afternoon. It's our third anniversary and we went to Ahaar of India in Norwood. Wonderful food, it's not kosher, but there are vegetarian options and their meat is halal (the islamic form of kosher) which is good enough for me. This was my second time there. When the waiter came to ask what we wanted, I mentioned that I loved the Chicken Tikka the last time that I was there and I was pondering that or something else. "Ah, I will bring you Chicken Jalfrezi. Trust me, you will like it." He was right. It was delicious.

Downtown Norwood has several neat small shops. Puddingstone Books was closed when we went by, but there was a pencil written note on the door.

The shop is a mess. I'm closed today, unless you are in a real dire need of something to read. If so, ring the buzzer.

After dinner, we went out to Bellingham to see Spirited Away. It is a visual and storytelling masterpiece. If you are looking for explosions, blasters, or giant robots, this is not the film for you. I also think it may be too intense for toddlers. This is not a mild cartoon. A couple of hours later I'm still a bit dazed.

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