Adam Ek (adamek) wrote,
Adam Ek

Morning alarums & excursions

It's been a varied morning

First I got a phone call from the synagogue. They needed another person for morning minyan, so I threw on clothes and went in.

Then I went to the grocery store to get some disposable baking pans. Ailsa's old friend, tigerbright, recently came home with a new baby, so we're dropping some ready to bake casseroles for her on the way north.

Got home, finished shoveling.

Got notice that Ailsa's backup battery for her CPAP was in, so I went to post office for that.

Got home again. Went upstairs, felt something at the edge of my kippah, brushed it off, and it bit me! Swatted it. Brushed it out of my sweatshirt and got it in a plastic bag. About 9mm long. Does not appear to be a black widow or a brown recluse.

No visible swelling or redness at the bite, but it hurts much worse than a bee sting or moose fly bite. At first it was a pin prick pain, then an area of pain about 1" in diameter, now it's about 2" in diameter. No trouble breathing, Pulse is 76. I called my doctor's office and am currently waiting for a call back. This is probably just going to be an irritating anecdote and a slight delay starting the trip.

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