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My Dad won an award for being one of the top 10 non-residential real estate agents in ERA realty. (He sells camps and land up in central and northern Maine.) He and my mom are flying out to San Diego this weekend to receive the award at the ERA International Business Conference 2003.

Then my mom's secretary sends me the following message. It was sent about 11:00 this morning, but I didn't see it until I checked my email after lunch.

Subject: Your parents!!!

Hi Adam,

This is Tammie, your Mom's secretary. Have you heard from your parents?
Did they make it OK??

Please reply.


I quickly reply by email that I haven't heard from them and what news has she heard? I'm thinking there has to be something behind the multiple exclamation marks and question marks. I also follow up with a phone call right after the email. No luck. The school central office says today is a workshop day and Tammie left early.

  • Send email to Dad. No answer yet, but he might not check email until sometime tonight.
  • No answer at either of their cell phones, but they might have them turned off to avoid roaming charges.
  • Nothing on the web news that I've searched so far about any plane crashes, San Diego problems, Bangor problems...
  • Ailsa found the web page for the conference, but I have no information about what hotel they are in.

This is frustrating. My intellect says that there is probably nothing wrong. It's probably just Tammie abusing punctuation. Even if there is something wrong, there's nothing I can do about it. My emotions want to be able to contact them *now* to make sure that there is nothing wrong.

Deep breath


OK, back to work.

If anyone hears anything about incidents in San Diego, or flights involving Bangor or San Diego, please let me know?


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